Is Using Facebook for Business Still Popular?

About a couple of years ago, you couldn’t open a business magazine without running into an article written by a business expert who told you that Facebook and Twitter or spectacular ways to get in touch with your customer base. They would tell you that if you didn’t have a great plan to do with using Facebook for business, you were going to be left behind.

And yet, it would appear that few among America’s biggest corporations have been taking this advice. Go to their Facebook pages or their corporate blogs and it’s obviously been a while since anyone’s bothered to update anything.

What does this mean though? That using Facebook for business is no longer a good idea? Is that why only one in four large corporations has any involvement in these or even pay attention to the ones they already have?

The study, if you are interested in it, was done by the University of Massachusetts at their Center for Marketing Research. What they have found out is that the idea of using Facebook for business, while it may be beginning to become unpopular with big businesses (the Fortune 500 and so on), is still quite the a hit with small businesses.

This is not to be taken to mean that large businesses just don’t care about Facebook and Twitter altogether though; about two out of three large corporations still do use it. But they don’t do so in a regular fashion, and there don’t appear to be many new companies jumping on board the social networking bandwagon.

So why are large companies doing this? If using Facebook for business is good enough for small- to average-sized businesses, why should it be any different for large businesses? Well, it could just come down to the generation gap. The larger businesses, built decades ago, were formed to a different kind of internal philosophy. It’s like you can’t get an older person to really be interested in Facebook the way a 20-year-old might be.

Large corporations are just extremely protective of their position in the world. They’re afraid of participating and somehow losing their edge or losing their mystique. What might happen, they feel, if they were to just go and directly engage with their customers in a way that that competitors could see and they somehow learned too much? That’s the thinking there.

Of course, this is wrong. What they fail to realize is that people are going to be thinking things about them whether they like it or not. If they go and participate directly, they’ll have a chance of appearing humble and approachable. Otherwise, they’ll just be able to think going about the company, whatever they will.

Social Networking Development for Small Businesses

Is social networking development the Emperor’s New Clothes? Read any article on small business success today, and you’re more than likely going to hear about it at some point.

The reality today is, no matter what you do, it’s all bound to come to naught if you don’t leverage yourself as hard as possible on the social networking sites. It doesn’t matter if your line of business really doesn’t lend itself to that kind of consumer interest, social networking development is where success lies for you, they seem to want to convince you.

For the most part, businesses are really buying this line. Everywhere you go these days, every object you pick up, it’s plastered with something about Liking some company on Facebook or following someone on Twitter or watching their latest video on God-knows-what on YouTube.

Is social networking for everyone? Or are businesses just going along with the flow and doing what’s expected of them because they’re afraid of losing out? Here’s what businesses need to know about social networking development before they actually jump in.

One of the first things about the social media that attracts the small businessman is that it is obviously free. You just go in, write a few things, and win a following – that’s the feeling business owners have, heading in.

The thing is, unless one intends to do precious little more than post one’s website address and a couple of photos of the storefront on Facebook, it can really be quite expensive to hire staff with the right kind of talent to make a good impression for your business on the social media.

With blogs or microblogging on Facebook, as any small business information resource will tell you, poor quality engagement can actually do damage to the image your business has.

One of the biggest parts of engaging your customers on the social media is that they expect free giveaways all the time. That’s the nature of the game with every business. At the very least, doing a serious job with social networking development is going to cost even the tiniest business about $10,000 a year.

Certainly, every business should take time out to put up a placeholder page on Facebook and Twitter. Even if they know that their customer base is an age group that has no interest in social networking.

But beyond a placeholder page that has a link to a website, not every business exists in a space that can draw customer interest.

People certainly want to talk to you and engage you if you, say, sell computers or things that someone needs on a regular basis. If you sell flowers, you can engage the wedding crowd; if you sell stationery, you can probably engage parents.

But how does social networking development work, say if you run a parking lot or if you run a funeral home? There are some things that people just don’t want to engage in discussion with on a regular basis so use some common sense. There are other ways to promote your business.

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Turn Website Visitors Into Likes and Followers

What is it that you need to do to convert website visitors into Facebook Likes, and Twitter followers? With all the buzz  in the air these days for what social networking can do for your business, learning how  to engage the people who visit your site is a skill worth cultivating. Here are some tips.

The Facebook Like button is easy enough to install. Once you do that, you get to access the Insights analytics platform that Facebook runs to see how exactly are Like button is performing. Now people tend to feel good about things that they know other people feel good about.

That’s the beauty of the Like button. But if yours is a less active website, you don’t want to particularly highlight how there aren’t that many Likes that you can boast of. In such a case, using the standard Like layout would be best.

Where you place your Like button can have a lot to say about how many website visitors you succeed in converting as well. Sometimes, Facebook’s other popularity option, the Recommend button, can be a good thing to have too. A recommendation by someone is a stronger kind of approval than a mere Like.

Let’s turn our attention to Twitter. When you put the Twitter button on your website, you don’t really have much choice in how the button appears, what it does or what kinds of action you get to offer the visitor. The only option with a Tweet button is that website visitors can tweet once they press it. So how do you get your websites visitors to become your Twitter followers?

The great thing about adding a Twitter button to your website is that you have the freedom to give it any kind of appearance. You can be as creative as you wish in designing an icon, graphic or anything else to get people to click on it.

A good way to get people to follow you on Twitter would be to publish right there, a stream of your recent tweets. People like to see an active Twitter account and can be enticed into joining.

With the standard Twitter button, the website visitor has to actually leave your website and enter Twitter to do anything. You could design a button though to allow a website visitor to remain on your website while they decide to follow you on Twitter. Website visitors can be given the option to follow you right from your webpage with the standard Twitter button. Once a visitor completes a tweet coming out of your webpage, they are automatically given the option to follow you.

Social Media Agencies: Is It Worth You Hiring One?

September 7, 2011 · Posted in Social Media · Comment 

There are many types of marketing campaigns that a business owner has to consider, but few are as important as the marketing services provided by social media agencies. This is because you need to get the word out about what your business has to offer, which can be a very long drawn out and time consuming procedure.

However, being able to rely on the expertise of professionals who specialize in this type of marketing is a great asset. It is an additional business expenditure, and therefore you need to be able to make informed decisions when dealing with this type of company.

The main priority of your chosen agency has to be getting the word out about your business. They accomplish this successfully by developing the right type of content to present to the various social media venues. For the average business owner they are familiar with the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, but these are only two are many social media markets available to the agencies.

This means the professionals offering these types of services have to know the market they are approaching, and then prepare content that is capable of grabbing their attention, and then performing a call to action which would be to visit your site. It also has to be conducted in such a way that it is repetitive social content but with a new approach each time. The services provided by these experts has to include a well put together social media campaign that centers around your business.

A large volume exposure is of course important, but it has to be good exposure in order to serve its purpose. This means variety is important, and this can be accomplished by approaching the blogging market. This is a unique social marketing venue that holds a great deal of potential when done properly.

Ideally you want to get to the point where you can take control of your own social media marketing campaigns. Although the investment into the services of a social media agency is money well spent, social marketing media has to be ongoing. Another agency service that you may want to utilize is whatever training they can provide you with to continue your campaigns once their job of getting you established in the social venues is complete.

If a business owner educates himself on the basics of what a social media agency can do for the business then it becomes easy to make the right agency choices. Ideally as a business owner you want to be able to rely on a social media agency that is willing to support your marketing efforts and provide you with some of the more basic social media tools that you could use to your advantage.

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How To Get Twitter Followers

September 3, 2011 · Posted in Social Media · Comment 

There are many reasons why you may suddenly decide that you need more followers on Twitter. When looking for ways to do this, you will find that there are tools and tricks that can be done to make this happen. But, sticking with the basics is usually the simplest way to achieve it. Here are a few steps on how to get twitter followers.

First, fill out your bio. It seems like a simple thing, but many do not even think to fill it out or do not want to. If people do not know who you are and cannot read a bio on you, they are less likely to care about you and less likely to follow. Therefore, it is important to fill out your bio right away so that you do not lose any potential followers because of lack of information.

Invite people to follow you on Twitter. This is easy to do and is seen everywhere. Almost any site you go onto today, whether it is personal or business, has a link asking people to follow them on. You can easily do this on any blog that you have, put it in your signature when you post in a forum or a link on any website that you have.

Linking from sites is easy to do, but so is including that link in your email signature. You only have to set that up once and then every time you send out an email, you are inviting the recipients to follow you on Twitter. Many people do pay attention to links in email signatures and are likely to click them, especially when they know the person.

Do not sit around and wait for others to come to you, get out there and start talking. The more you engage in conversations, the more people will notice you. Check out a few conversations and get involved in the ones that interest you. In most cases, the others involved in the conversation will then start following you as well as the spectators watching on the sidelines.

Follow the right people. Picking random people and following them is no way to get a following, and in most cases, those random people don’t care about you and are not going to return the favor. That is why it is important to follow smart. Pick the right people and then pay attention to them, join in conversations, let them get to know you by interacting as much as possible. This is more likely to win you not only those people, but any of the people following them too.

Getting people to follow you on Twitter takes some time and dedication. You have to give people what they want, so that means you have to know your niche and your public. How to get followers on Twitter is sometimes as simple as just being active and a smart follower.

Trying to figure out how to get Twitter followers? This fantastic blog post will show you how to get Twitter followers in minutes a day.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

August 27, 2011 · Posted in Social Media · Comment 

There are so many companies, of all sizes, that have got the idea of social media marketing all wrong. It isn’t about getting rich quick, or a quick fix to small marketing budgets that will pull them through the recession with little effort. Social media is all about interaction.

When you interact, you establish relationships; when you create these relationships, you create opportunities to share your products and services. This is not something that happens over night. It takes time, consistency, and a genuine interest in the creation and nurturing of those relationships.

There is no standard list of ethics when it comes to social media, but here are a couple of guidelines and things to avoid when using social media: First thing is to get to know others, don’t just try and sell and promote your products. Spamming is not ok, ever.

It’s true that spamming is becoming a problem in the social media networks, and we are being required to weed through it, just like we do in our email inboxes. Don’t spam followers; if they didn’t ask for it, do not send it.

You have to be consistent when it comes to using social media. Participating once a month or once a week just will not get the results you’re looking for. Do not be a social media snob; be willing to learn from others, not just the ones in your industry.

Social marketing is about being social and connecting with others. If you want followers, you will have to be a follower. The same as if you open a storefront and think that customers will just show up, you cannot sign up and start off in social media thinking everyone is just going to come and follow you.

It’s important to realize that social media marketing does work, but as with any marketing strategy, there are the core pieces of that strategy that you must implement. You need to find the right social media marketing direction that will work for you and your industry, as well as design the campaigns that will yield the results that you desire.

This is a low to no-cost marketing option, but you’ll need to invest your time. If you aren’t willing to do that, consider selecting another marketing option or investing in a social media agency, like fishbait, that will help you create and implement your social media marketing strategy.

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5 Successful Social Media Campaigns

August 26, 2011 · Posted in Social Media · Comment 

Social media is still relatively new so marketers are still figuring out how to use it effectively. Here are a few campaigns who used social media properly and saw excellent results.

1. The Gap- Popular clothing retailer The Gap teamed up with online coupon dealer Groupon and offered $50 worth of clothes for just $25. 441,000 of these coupons were sold which generated $11 million in revenue for The Gap. Not bad for a promotion lasting one day. This campaign helped The Gap gain new customers that they may have never reached otherwise. The Gap hopes that these customers stay with them and don’t shop at The Gap only when there are deals.

2. Mountain Dew- Mountain Dew ran a successful social media campaign based around the concept of DEWmocracy. Mountain Dew released three new flavors to the public and customers were then able to vote on which flavor they liked the best. The winning flavor would then be sold full time and the others would be canned.

This campaign worked because it got customers involved and made them feel like they had a voice in the future of the Mountain Dew brand. This social media campaign generated buzz, which is always a good thing. The only downside is people whose flavors lost may feel betrayed by the company.

3. Old Spice- If you say “the Old Spice guy” to someone they immediately know who you are talking about. This shows how well Old Spice executed their campaign based around ridiculous commercials bending the laws of reality and pushing male bravado to a new level. Old Spice took to social media and had the Old Spice guy answers questions sent in by fans in a series of YouTube videos that generated a lot of views and created a buzz for Old Spice. Their sales haven’t yet shown it, but Old Spice is growing as a brand name.

4. The Arcade Fire- Grammy-winning band the Arcade Fire used social media in an interesting way to generate hype for their album The Suburbs. They created an “interactive music video” that asked users for their address and then local landmarks were used as Arcade Fire’s song “We Used to Wait” played. The experience was surreal as you saw a music video, but you could recognize all of the places in it. This innovative experience spread across the internet and gained Arcade Fire fans who had previously never heard of them.

5. The Blair Witch Project- Although much older than the other campaigns on this list there is no doubt it was an effective one. Before the release of the movie fake police reports and newspaper clippings were posted online about the teens that were supposedly taken by the “Blair Witch”. This excited moviegoers as they felt they were experiencing a movie that was truly real. The success of this campaign can still be seen today as some people still mistakenly think the Blair Witch Project is actual footage of actual teens.

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Don’t You Just Hate The Facebook Like Button?

August 22, 2011 · Posted in Social Media · Comment 

Read an article anywhere on the Internet or watch a video somewhere and you’ll find that the comments below urge you to press the Facebook Like button. Right away this place you in one of two camps – the apathetic and the enthusiastic. If you actually write a comment, tweet about what you just experienced, that’s quite appreciated, but you do need to press that +1 or Like button to not look snooty to the other readers.

If you press the thumbs down button, you get hate mail from the other viewers. More importantly to the webmaster, is that to the site analytics, your Like will count as your having read the whole article. It’ll make the advertisers happy.

The Internet started out as a place where you could be your own self. You didn’t have to conform to anyone’s idea of what was right. You could just start a website about the most crazy thing in the world, the most politically incorrect thing or the most unpopular idea and you could get your word out.

With the advent of the Facebook Like button though, somehow, conformity seems to be making a comeback.

If you don’t Like something that everyone else approves of, if everyone thinks you’re a jerk, they’ll let you know what. These days, people search not just for a thing they’re interested in, but for things that have the most Likes. It’s on YouTube, on Amazon, everywhere.

What makes this such a bad thing? It’s just that with the Like button, you’re always on display, always being judged. It takes away your ability to just feel anything without worrying about the consequences it might have for your popularity. An important way of expression has just been destroyed. How does the Like button do that, you ask?

Would you ever go to your friends who listen to Green Day and confess that you like Cher and Shakira? How about your friends who watch The Fast and Furious and telling them that there is something about Meg Ryan’s gummy grin in Prelude to a Kiss? When you are with a group and when you know what they all think, it becomes difficult to not conform. It becomes difficult to hold your own opinion.

We all have this human need for approval and group agreement. When we feel an opinion, we want everyone else to accept it not stand out alone. The Like button just made it much easier for people to know what everyone else thinks so that we don’t have to think about what our position is. We look at the number of Likes there are and we know that were supposed to Like this thing.

It becomes a bad thing for the creators of content online too. Everything becomes a race for more Likes. The Facebook Like button just made it easy for people to distill their opinions into one single word. From now on, you don’t count if you don’t have enough Likes or if you don’t side with them.

I for one, hope that the Like button and the +1 button find a quick and convenient demise. Thanks for reading and sharing one of our many fine internet marketing articles at

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Get More Fans On Your Facebook Page

August 10, 2011 · Posted in Social Media · Comment 

If you’ve come to the conclusion that just about everyone is on Facebook these days, you’re not wrong. How can your business take advantage of that? It’s easy – just create a fan page and get involved! Now that your business is on Facebook, let’s take a look at some quick ways to get more fans.

Whether you have just started a page for your business or it is already well established, suggesting the page to your friends is a great way of getting new followers. Suggest it to everyone, and add a short message encouraging people to share the page with their friends. This is a great way to build your user base.

Another way to get more traffic on your page is to make sure that it’s easy to find. The truth is that Facebook is an incredibly valuable resource for businesses today, and that many users will interact with a fan page in lieu of visiting a business website. Make sure that every page of your website has a way for users to easily access your fan page.

Another great way to increase your followers is to use the photo tagging feature. Encourage existing users to take pictures of themselves at your business and then tag themselves and your business in the photo. The images will then show up on your fan page, but they will more importantly show up in the activity streams of your followers. This means that their friends will see your business and check out the page.

Ad campaigns are another relatively inexpensive way to reach more people. You can set a cap to the amount you want to spend, so you stay within your advertising budget, whether it is fifty or five hundred dollars. Don’t forget to put a hook in the ad. Asking them to like it will add them as a fan of your page without them even visiting it.

Every message you send out is another potential way of driving customers to your page. Whether it is an email to a customer or an entry on your blog, add a link to your fan page at the end of it. It also helps to add the link to press releases and make sure it is easily accessible on any other social media sites you may have a presence on.

Ultimately, what you get from your fan page will be proportional to what you put into it. Take time to update regularly and communicate with your fans. Create relationships with them, and they will reciprocate. You’ll have a thriving page in no time!

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How To Get Followers On Twitter Easily

August 6, 2011 · Posted in Social Media · Comment 

People love to use the internet in order to chat and hang out with long lost friends. Twitter is also a great way to make some extra money for those who are ready to learn How to get followers on Twitter. This is a basic guide that has been designed to help anyone begin the process and start seeing a profit within a few short weeks. Start as soon as possible and everything should come automatically with time.

Creating an account is going to be the very first step that needs to take place. Followers need to be added to the personal account and most people will start by adding the friends that they currently know. From there, other people are going to see the new account on the friend page and they will begin to follow you. This is one of the easiest ways to get ahead and make sure that the process is started.

To gain some more followers at a faster rate is is a good idea to use some highly effective tools. Software is very common and there are versions that will help anyone gaining the right amount of followers each day for the right profit that is needed. Do not hesitate to download and install this software as soon as possible in order to get the very best results right now.

Marketing tools are also going to need to be implemented in order to get the very best results. Use a campaign that will draw new followers to the account and make sure that everything is interesting and fun. Once the followers sign on it will be important to make sure that they start intrigued so that they do not sign off from that account. Follow the most effective plan and everything should work out just fine.

Use popular social networking sites to link to the Twitter account to gain some momentum. Those who do not take full advantage of these sites are only going to be hurting themselves in the long run. Connect with other friends that will also bring a higher amount of followers to the new account. Every new person added is going to open up new doors to followers that will add more payment.

It is necessary to get in touch with new people each day. New followers will want a little bit of recognition so let them stick out and give them the spotlight. This is only going to open the doors to a world of new followers that will help to create that boost and that profit.

To seek How to get followers on Twitter is very easy. Anyone who wants to learn simply needs to start with their own personal account. From there, it will be time to add tweets and find out who will be around to follow. Start as soon as possible before someone else comes along and takes the idea away.

If you’re looking for information on how to get followers on Twitter then this how to get followers on Twitter resource will help you a lot.

Tips For Effectively Branding Your Twitter Profile

August 2, 2011 · Posted in Social Media · Comment 

You can start building a list of targeted followers who are interested in your offers as well as impressing your target market by branding yourself well on Twitter. There’s a lot that you can achieve from your Twitter account if you can simply learn how to brand your Twitter profile page effectively …This article will assist you to understand much more about Point Click Commissions.

Start With a Name: What lies in a name? If you’re on Twitter trying to grab the attention of your target audience then your name does become an important element. Ideally, you should choose a handle that the kind of people you want to connect with on Twitter will be drawn to. Remember that as you send out tweets on a regular basis, your name will be circulating more and more widely, and this is how a brand is built. Having a user name that your followers will remember helps them keep track of you and the information you share. When you choose a name that immediately evokes your niche or industry, you’ll be able to attract the right kind of followers more easily.It’s amazing at how easily things can be improved when looking at

Stay Consistent: Instability is something that you should stay away from when using Twitter to brand yourself. You want to present a harmonious image so don’t go changing your pictures and messages all the time. Being original and easy to identify is all part of building a successful brand which you have to keep in mind you are doing. By being consistent you send out positive vibes to your followers and anyone visiting your profile. So once you have a good, professional picture up, don’t make any changes. Maintain your image on Twitter and make sure your audience knows you aren’t changing so you can win their trust.

Notice Management: Twitter will send you a notice whenever someone starts following you, which can be quite helpful when you are building a brand and trying to keep it clean. You will find these notices irritating after a while, especially when you’ve got quite a lot of followers or a lot of people trying to join up in a short time frame. However, until you get to this point they can be quite useful and will help you build and maintain a relationship with your followers in the beginning. Instead of having a direct impact on your branding efforts it helps in the background.

You can build a strong Twitter brand with all the ideas in this article which form a powerful foundation for you.

I have found that this article has helped people change the way they think of projects such as